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Do I have to be ordained to take this course?   
No, the course would be beneficial to you, even if you never go into the wedding business.  You will learn many interesting things about weddings and be taught true principles of relationship success.  But when you are ready to go into the business of marrying couples, you will have to be ordained.  I tell you how to get ordained in the first lesson!     

How long will it take me to complete the course?  
You can work at your own speed.  If you want to finish it in a month, you can!   Some have taken five months � About a month per lesson.     As soon as you finish one lesson, you will be mailed the next lesson.    Go as fast or as slow as you want to or need to.

How soon after I finish the course do you think I will book a wedding?
Once you complete the five  lessons, I will provide you an Advertising And Merchandising Supplement as your reward for all of your hard Work.  If you do all of the suggestions I give you in the Supplement. You should book your first wedding in the first month of business. The more you do to merchandise yourself, the faster your services will become known and people will start calling you. And most of my suggestions do not cost you money.

What will I study? 
You will be given the History of the Wedding Officiant back to the beginning of man.  You will be taught all of the rituals and traditions of weddings.  You will be taught how to run your business, how to make appointments with the client, how to make a presentation, how to develop a romantic, personalized wedding ceremony for the bride and groom, how to coordinate the wedding day events, how to work with other vendors, how to conduct a rehearsal, how to deal with children in the ceremony, what to do at second marriages, how to set fees, develop packages, offer add-ons, how to conduct weddings at various locations, what are your primary and secondary responsibilities to the client, and many, many others important facts that will prepare you to open your wedding business with my eleven years experience! 

Would a man or a woman be more successful as a wedding minister?
I am a woman and I have been very successful as a wedding minister, because, I think, it is The Bride�s Day!   And we know how a bride feels and what she really wants on her wedding day.  However, a man can be extremely successful being a wedding minister.  Here in California, ministers have given up their church to be a wedding minister full time, it is so financially rewarding .  I discuss the man/woman in the ministry issue in full detail in The Second Lesson.

If I am already ordained, couldn�t I be a wedding minister without taking Your course?  
Of course, you can.  But you can also invest a small amount of money and gain the advantages of knowing what I know now � after twenty years of doing weddings and making every mistake in the book!   No one taught me anything.  I had to find it all out the very hardest way.  And many times, the �hard way� means giving back the money you charged them because something went wrong due to your ignorance!    Let me help you be very successful from the beginning.   


You can begin this exciting new career in the wedding business by printing out the Enrollment Form, filling it out, including writing your feelings about marriage and your goals, and rating yourself on the various phases of the Wedding Business.  Then send the Enrollment Form and Your check for $250.00 plus $50 postage & Handling (for all five volumes) for a total of $300.00 made out to Marcy Cheek, or with your Visa/or MasterCard number and mail it to 24338 El Toro Road Ste. #237, Laguna Woods, CA 92637.   Upon receipt of your Enrollment Form, I will mail you the first two lessons.   

Why not begin today?  You will be just that much closer to providing yourself with an immensely satisfying way to earn some extra money, and you will have taken the first step also toward your own personal financial independence in a business that is totally stable and inflation proof and  where everyone is always happy!   

Sincerely, Marcy Ann

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